Welcome to Acupuncture Infertility Care, Richmond’s only Traditional Chinese Medical practice devoted solely  to overcoming challenges in Fertility.  Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy full term baby. Although I’ve treated fertility issue throughout my career, I have had this specialty practice treating Women who face challenges with Fertility beginning in 2008.image

There is a lot of information contained in my website, so with that don’t be overwhelmed.  Although I’ve written the material to be user friendly, feel free to skip to areas that apply to you.

My approach is unique.  In addition to comprehensive Acupuncture treatment of any constitutional imbalances as diagnosed by Traditional Chinese Medical theory, I treat and advocate for the reduction of stress.  Over the years I’ve arrived at the firm belief that stress plays a significant role as an obstacle to female fertility that is often overlooked or minimized.  Please see my page on Stress and Fertility  for more information.

Traditional Medicine has been shown to be effective when used with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).  Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with ART increases the likelihood of conception and a full term healthy pregnancy by about 50% per procedure.

Click this link to a WebMD article on Acupuncture as it significantly increases the occurrence of a successful conception and a healthy full-term pregnancy.

I’d love to answer your questions and discuss your unique fertility challenge.  Use my Contact Us page or call/text me at 804-938-6457.

Following is a demonstration video of acupuncture as used for Fertility.  The language is non-technical and provides a good stepping off point for getting a basic idea of what Fertility and Acupuncture working together looks like.