Please use the following formula to calculate the cost for your treatment.  It is based upon your yearly income. To calculate a minimum suggested payment for services, please multiply your yearly income by 0.0015 to arrive at a per visit price.  For instance if you earn $50,000/year, your cost per visit would be $75 ($50,000 X  .0015 = $75).  There is an upper cap of $125 for those earning $83,000 or more, and a suggested minimum of $45/visit for those whose yearly income is $30,000/year or less.  You are not required to provide documentation.  If you come from a multi-income household where your partner’s contribution is significant, please use that in your calculations.

Although I believe my rates are reasonable, if you feel as though you cannot afford my regular rates for treatment, I encourage you to contact me to discuss rates to fit your budget.  I welcome patients at reduced rates without reduced quality of service.

Initial consults including treatment typically take two hours, and follow-up appointments take between an hour and ninety minutes.