The amount that you will pay per visit will be determined during our initial conversation and depends on several factors.  I have a sliding scale that applies to households that earn between $50K and $83.3K per year.  Those households that earn $50K or less pay $75/visit, and those earning $83.3K or more pay $125/visit.

For households that earn between $50K and $83.3K, the sliding scale applies and I ask clients to multiply the number of “$K’s” their household earns per year, and multiply that times 1.5.  If necessary other existing financial factors can be considered such that an amount manageable by the client can be arrived at.

For a household that earns $50K or less, the base rate per visit would be $75.  For a household that earns $83.3K or more the base rate would be $125.

An example of a household where the sliding scale applies, would be a yearly household income of $60K.  The calculus would be $60 + (.5 X $60) = $60 + $30 = $90/visit.

I prefer that clients who can manage, have two appointments per week until they feel secure in their pregnancy.  To encourage clients to make a second appointment every week, I offer the second appointment at 67% of the base rate.  For example the client who earns 50K would pay $125 per week for two full appointments: $75 + ($75 X .67) = $75 + $50 = $125/2 visits per week.  For higher earners I set an upper limit of $200 for two visits a week.  And so a household earning $80K or more would pay $200/2 visits per week because the maximum will have been met.

For households that the sliding scale apply to, given the above example of $90/1st visit, the calculation would be $90 + ($90 X .67) = $90 + $60 = $150/2 visits per week.

If a client who is regularly seen twice a week, and who pays the discounted rate that applies to two visits per week, chooses to come in only once in a given week, the rate will be the base rate for a single visit, and not half of the discounted total per week.

If you need assistance calculating, I’m happy to do so for you.

Initial consults including treatment typically take two hours, and follow-up appointments take between an hour, and an hour and a half.

If the details of this pricing schedule need explaining, please email or text/call me at my work number 804-938-6457.