The amount that you will pay per visit will be determined during our initial conversation and depends on several factors.  As a starting point I ask clients to multiply the number of “K’s” their household earns per year, and multiple that times 1.5.  Then other financial factors are taken into consideration so that an amount manageable by the client can be agreed upon.

One example would be a household income of 30K.  The base rate per visit would be $45.  If this person has an additional financial burden, for example school debt, that number can be adjusted down to an amount that feels within that person’s means.  Another example would be for a person who earns 50K without additional burden.  This person would pay $75.  For persons earning in excess of 80K, I set an arbitrary upper limit of $125 assuming no additional financial burdens that would make that amount a challenge.

I prefer that my clients have two appointments per week until they feel secure in their pregnancy.  This typically happens somewhere between 12 and 20 weeks gestation.  The client at this point may choose to reduce to once a week, once every two weeks, or may choose to continue on with their pregnancy unassisted.  To encourage clients to make a second appointment every week, I offer the second appointment at 30-50% of the base rate.  For example the person above who comfortably earns 50K would pay $100 per week for two full appointments.

Initial consults including treatment typically take two and a half hours, and follow-up appointments take between an hour and a quarter, and two hours.