Pregnancy seems to come in stages.  First is the positive home pregnancy test, then the beta-hCG test.  Then come the ultrasounds.  And more blood tests and endless things to obsess about.  Beginning the second trimester is a big exhale for many.

I strongly recommend that any woman who is in early pregnancy continue to be seen on a fixed schedule at least until the end of the first trimester.  Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine don’t stop working just because you become pregnant!  There remains plenty to do to make your pregnancy a healthy one, and to keep you and your little one healthy.  Qi (the TCM concept of energy flow in the body) and blood flow to the uterus, healthy regulation of hormones and sleep patterns, and stress reduction for mom and baby are all important issues that Acupuncture and TCM are great at addressing.

And now that I’ve hopefully convinced you to stick around until your baby is three months old, let me suggest that given your investment in time, emotion and hopes, it may be worth making the weekly trip in to keep your body at it’s pregnancy best, do the large and small things that can be done at this point to make development a little better for the new life that’s heading your way, and to give yourself a breather and some time to forget your stresses and relax.   Treatment can be safely rendered to a woman even late in her third trimester while lying on her left side.

Acupuncture and TCM are good, healthy and effective ways to manage your pregnancy.  Although you will know the right time to discontinue TCM treatments when it comes for you, I encourage you to benefit from and enjoy all the advocacy I can provide for you and your baby.

And Now You’re Having A Baby!

I would encourage you to find a Doula or Midwife of high reputation, to be with you through the gestation and birth of your baby.  VCU offers some good information on Nurse Midwives.  When searching on the internet pay attention to their website content, and reviews left for them on their Google My Business listings in order for you to find a good match for the three of you.  ( :

If you have issues with lactation, find a good Lactation Consultant.  Marjorie Muth is a registered nurse as well as an internationally board certified lactation consultant, who has worked for 25 years in pediatrics and in maternal child health care as a provider and educator.  She is the mother of three adult children and two grandchildren.