If you would like to check out the success statistics for different fertility clinics in your area, there are several sources available to you.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC), and The Society for Reproductive Technology (SART) gather information from all fertility clinics in America and publish the results annually.  The information is given in graph form, so you’ll need to spend a little time with the results to get a hang for understanding them.  The CDC report is basic, whereas the SART reports break the various ART procedures into fine categories that give a more clear impression of the individual clinic.  Resolve is a National Organization that is dedicated to support in the treatment of infertility.  Resolve is an excellent resource and has information on support and advice groups local to your area.  A popular informational fertility website that includes blogs on various topics is The Bump.  My favorite fertility blog is based in the U.K., and is called Health Unlocked.